My name is Gisselle and I am a wife, mom of three, and photographer.  All my life I have loved photography but it wasn’t until my daughter Isabella was born in 2007 that I decided that I wanted to make this hobby into a career.  It is amazing to be able to capture great moments and turn them into memories that can be cherished for years to come.  I feel truly blessed to have such a supportive circle of family and friends who encourage and inspire me every day.

I want to thank you for taking a peek into my life and I hope to soon share my love of photography with you!

Fun Facts:

My husband & I married exactly 6 weeks after meeting (TRUE STORY!)

I can single-handedly keep Starbucks in business

The Emperor’s New Groove is the most underrated (and funniest) movie of all time

I would start celebrating Christmas in August if I could!

New York City will always be home

I’ll never miss an episode of Dancing With The Stars